Whole 30 – Day 4


Yesterday started well. I had a horrible nights sleep but I woke up feeling full of energy. Breakfast this morning was the Spinach and Beef frittata from Stupid Easy Paleo. It was so delicious. I’m not really a fan of omlette/frittatas but this really hit the spot and there’s lots left over for breakfast in the week. 

2014-07-13 10.23.08


In the afternoon we headed to our local organic grocers to search out some compliant goodies. We came back with almond butter, kale chips, medjool dates and coconut water. My Boyfriend is being really supportive and patient while I look at every food label and every item in every shop! Up until last week I never really liked dates and could take or leave them. Now I can’t get enough. I guess it’s from not having sugar for 5 days. Lunch was pulled pork, green beans and half an apple to try out the almond butter on. It was good but not as good as peanut butter…which I guess is a good thing. Dinner was a big taco salad with salsa and avocado and then to bed with herbal tea. 



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