Whole 30 – Day 1 – 3


So it’s begun! I had such a big binge yesterday and was so disgusted with myself that I decided I needed to stop putting it off and start. So today is the day.

2014-07-09 19.53.52

Last night I made a big batch of pulled pork in the slow cooker so I would have a few meals prepared and ready to fall back on. This whole thing is a little terrifying to me. I know it’s only 30 days but I’m already worried about if I’ll be able to cope and what will happen if I start craving things.

2014-07-10 12.46.56

Lunch. Pulled pork, salsa, avocado and salad

2014-07-10 18.46.02

Delicious. Steak Fajitas!

I really enjoyed my food today, especially dinner. I marinated the steaks in olive oil, lime juice, cumin, garlic, jalapeños and S&P before cooking them on the griddle pan. They were so tender and juicy. I feel like I’ve eaten really good food today and I haven’t felt hungry at all. Come at me day 2!


Day 2

Today I was working from home which was good because I hadn’t planned my food for the day. A big thing with me is if I don’t plan my food or have something to hand I’ll definitely go off the rails. The day started with scrambled eggs and leftover vegetables from last nights dinner

2014-07-11 10.22.10



2014-07-11 13.46.12


Lunch was pulled pork fried off with a little garlic powder and the most AMAZING green beans ever. My boss is fully Paleo so he sometimes makes snacks for us. He first made these a few weeks back at 9am and I was like…’green beans at 9am?!’ but I pretty much ate the whole bowl they were so good. You just need to drizzle them with olive oil, sprinkle on some fresh thyme and salt and cook in the over for about 20 minutes. I can’t get enough of them!

Dinner ended up being the same as last night as we enjoyed it so much! After dinner tonight I remembered the white chocolate ice cream I had in the back of the freezer. I felt it calling to me! The only thing that stopped me was having to tell my friends and instagram followers that i only lasted 2 days. I should really get rid of it! I also weighed in today because I forgot to do it yesterday. Although I’m doing this for more than weight loss (would like to see how it improves my eczema, asthma and overall mood) I would still love to see some weight loss at the end of it all. I have a massive problem with weighing daily so will be asking my Boyfriend to hide the scales until this is over. Tomorrow I already think will be a challenge. Saturday’s are usually ‘treat days’ after weigh in and we spend the day chilling out and eating crap. Finger’s crossed I can avoid this tomorrow.

Day 3

We decided to go to the Market near us to buy some meat and fresh fruit and veg. Breakfast was scrambled eggs, pulled pork and more leftover veggies. It was good but not the same as the dippy eggs, bread and cup of milky tea we usually have on a Saturday. I’m already having food dreams…last night I drank 2 pints of milk and woke up so angry at myself until I realised it wasn’t real! We’re so lucky living in Melbourne and having access to so many delicious markets and organic shops. I was pretty excited to head to Queen Victoria Market today to get some bargains.



I was so happy with what we got. All this came to $90 (about £50) for that we had 2kg of grass fed organic mince, 7 steaks, 2 massive chicken breasts and loads of fruit and veg. I decided to prepare as many meals as I could for the coming week so I made:

  • Fajita steaks x 6
  • Lemon chicken x 2
  • Spicy jalapeño burgers x 10
  • Taco mince x 5 portions

I stored it all in the freezer so I can just pull it out in the morning and only have to worry about the veggies.

2014-07-12 15.44.51

Lunch was sweet potato hash browns with pulled pork (pork fo’ days) and a fried egg. It was good but I think it would have gone better with bacon. Oh God Bacon!! I’m craving it at the moment.

2014-07-12 19.56.40

Dinner was jalapeño burgers with salsa and avocado wrapped in lettuce. It was good but when I was finished I still felt like I needed something so me and Aaron shared a punnet of strawberries which seemed to do the trick. I’m pretty bad for having a sweet treat/pudding after my evening meal so this has been a test already. Back in the day (i.e last week) it would have been a hot chocolate AND some dark chocolate so having nothing is a scary. I’ve not really craved anything particular, it’s more the ritual of having something and settling down to watch a movie/TV series with treats that I’m missing. Although it feels great to have gotten through a whole saturday without binging and calling it a ‘treat day.’ Let’s see what tomorrow throws at me.


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