The Beginning of Whole30


I have always had an issue with my weight. I’m what you would call a ‘yo yo’ dieter. I can stick to a diet like no bodies business…for a few weeks. Then I binge. I’ve always thought that because I always got back on track after a binge that I wasn’t really doing any harm. In the UK I attended a weight loss club called Slimming World…I loved it and managed to lose a lot of weight. When we moved to Australia in January of this year I had a few months or eating whatever I wanted and then vowed to get back on track. But it wasn’t working anymore. I put it down to the foods being completely different and not having the support group I did back home.

I then opted to try Weight Watchers knowing that I could attend groups and have the network I needed. I really enjoyed Weight Watchers and the freedom it gave me to have the foods that weren’t ‘allowed’ on Slimming World (Everything was allowed, but who’s going to use their syns on half an avocado or nuts over chocolate right?) Weight Watchers was really good for me as I got to look at the types of foods I was eating and think about whether they were really the healthiest choices I could make for my points. This started me into researching my food and trying to improve the quality. Along the way I stumbled upon Whole30 and it really piqued my interest. I admit, at first I thought it was a little faddy but after reading It Starts With Food it all really made sense to me. I can now be found at the organic food markets with the best of them! I’ll be posting daily updates along with recipes so stay tuned 🙂


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